Titanium bikes, titanium bicycle frames 

Nevi employs  some special techniques in the fabrication of their frames. Water jet cutting allows Nevi to create novel shapes and their frame welding takes place in a Vacuum Chamber. The Vacuum chamber is key to Nevi's quality : All air (and therefore impurities) is removed and the chamber filled with Argon, an inert gas. By welding in Argon, the possibility of weld contamination is removed and gasses already dissolved in the metal can be released and removed without reaction, this yields far stronger welds. Welding Titanium is an art-form in itself. Take a look at the welds on a Nevi and you'll notice that they are different from many Ti frames. The Argon welding creates a smooth look to the weld and they are up to 3 times stronger than those from traditional welding. It is Nevi's special processes that allow them to produce a Titanium Road Fork that is strong enough to perform.